To do this, open the Advanced System Settings menu from the Taskbar and then click the Performance tab. You should then see a list of folder options. Then, you can choose the folder option under the View tab. After choosing this option, click Apply and OK. Alternatively, you can go to the Advanced System Settings by opening the Folder Options menu and clicking on the appropriate search result. Enable image previews if necessary.

We can hope that Microsoft will take note of it and release a patch update Again, double click on Turn off the display of thumbnails and only display icons on the right panel. DiskInternals Partition Recovery is a proven application that hasn’t let anyone down yet!

How To Fix Youtube Thumbnails Not Showing

You have an activation product key. To do this, you’ll need a PC that meets the Windows 11 system requirements, or one of the PCs on our list of compatible PCs. You’re also going to need an external USB flash drive which you’re going to use as installation media for your new copy of Windows. You’ll also need to have enough free space on your hard drive to install Windows 11. Plus of course, back up your data before starting.

  • This method is more or less similar to the previous one.
  • FREE Windows backup software to protect personal data.
  • Click the OK button, and you will find your issue ”thumbnails not showing Windows 10” resolved.
  • Or, if the device does not start, you can use the Advanced startup options or mount the ISO file to File Explorer to commence a clean install.

In this case, deleting the thumbnail cache can solve this problem. Be sure to uncheck the Always display icons, never thumbnails box and click on Apply. And as of now, we would be making use of both these tools to fix the underlying issue.

How to Make Your Mac’s Menu Bar Stay Visible in Full Screen Mode

Once Windows has finished installing it will automatically restart your computer. This signals the completion of Windows install. Once your PC reboots you will be following a setup guide. Once completed, Windows should be installed and ready to use. Once you have selectedFat32as the file system, simply clickStartat the bottom of the tab. This will start the formatting process, readying your flash drive for the installation tool.

Press any key at the “Press any key to boot” message. What do i do because I have two primary partitions when i reach the level of choosing where to install…. I need to start windows 10 over again so I can input the correct info from the get go.


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